Spring Bay Seafoods is a Tasmanian based seafood company renowned for producing award winning Australian blue mussels.

Our deepwater marine farms stretch across some of the most precious and pristine seawater in the world. Located next to picturesque Maria Island National Park, the fast flowing, cold and nutritious oceanic current provides a unique growing environment unrivalled anywhere and allows us to grow our uniquely large, clean and tender mussels.

Spring Bay Seafoods’ award winning blue mussels start their journey here and end up on some of the finest restaurant tables in Australia and in nearby export markets throughout Asia.

The secret to perfect mussels

Spring Bay Seafoods’ award winning mussels are the popular choice from fine dining to simple home cooked meals. Spring Bay Mussels are highly sought after by mussel lovers for their plump meaty texture, sweet flavour and innovative packaging.

Raised from babies

Spring Bay Seafoods has one of the only commercial-scale mussel hatcheries anywhere in the world. Using novel rearing techniques the mussels are raised from seed and nurtured under strict quality and environmental conditions, then transferred to suspended lines in the deep waters off Tasmania’s East Coast. This vertical integration program ensures a sustainable and reliable supply of perfect mussels well into the future.

"They're using really exemplary farming methods, in the forefront of the world's best practice. It's so very good to see."

Alla Wolf-Tasker AM, co-owner and culinary director, Lake House, Daylesford, Victoria

The deep-water difference

Unlike most other mussel producers, Spring Bay’s mussel farms are located offshore in deep, nutrient-rich waters.

And these aren’t just any waters. The deepwater oceanic marine farms stretch across some of the most precious and pristine seawater in the world. Located 2 kilometres offshore between Spring Bay and the protected Maria Island national park, our mussels are suspended on long lines at depths of up to 35 metres and in a fast flowing, cold and nutrient rich current of between 1–3 knots.

This provides a unique growing conditions unrivalled anywhere and allows us to produce:

  • Plump tender mussels with a pure deep-sea flavour – you taste nothing but the mussel.
  • Clean, healthy and nutritious mussels.
  • Consistently large mussels up to 100mm in length.
  • Spotless, dark shells to allow for beautiful presentation on the plate.

"We genuinely believe you won't find a better looking, better tasting mussel anywhere in the world."

Phillip Lamb, Managing Director, Spring Bay Seafoods

Beautifully presented

After harvesting, Spring Bay Mussels are rushed ashore and given a scrub, shower and a ‘nip and a shave’. This creates shiny, clean mussels that are beautifully presented and ready for the pot. The scrubbing and cleaning process also eliminates a lot of work for the chef. There’s very little to do but cook.

"Spring Bay Seafoods mussel production is surely an example to be followed by the whole aquaculture industry. You rarely find a company so dedicated to environmental protection and sustainability."

Paolo Bray, Director of Friend of the Sea

Sustainability, quality and innovation

Global Gold Certified Sustainable

Spring Bay Seafoods was one of the first producers in Australia and the first shellfish company in the world to receive “Friend of the Sea” certification and won the coveted “Friend of the Sea” global award for sustainability in aquaculture (the highest accolade a producer can attain).

This certification recognises our determined commitment to quality, sustainability and the environment.


Certified Organic

Since 1986, the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA) has been considered the benchmark for Organic Certification and rigorously evaluates the practices and standards of primary producers across the entire supply chain – from farm to plate.

Spring Bay Seafoods has held this prestigious certification since 2011, – guaranteeing organic integrity, and demonstrating Spring Bay Seafoods’ support for sustainable agricultural practices and healthy, natural food.


Food safety and innovation

Spring Bay Seafood prides itself on top quality mussels. We have fine-tuned our farming and processing methods to produce the cleanest, tastiest and safest mussels. Our rigorous inspections and testing ensures that our strict high-quality parameters are met.

Spring Bay Seafoods operate a Food Safety Management System that complies with the global food safety requirements of Codex Alimentarius (HACCP) & Good Manufacturing Practices and we have received an A rating by the Department of Agriculture (DAWR).

Our rigorous quality control testing and pioneering research & development of a Biotoxin Management plan on shellfish, incorporating a range of laboratory testing and environmental monitoring, has won Spring Bay Seafoods the National Seafood Industry’s Research, Development & Extenson award.

From Tasmania to the rest of the world

Spring Bay Seafoods’ blue mussels start their journey here and end up on some of the finest restaurant tables in Australia and in nearby export markets throughout Asia.

Export approved Spring Bay Seafoods (Reg Est # 5873) regularly supply to the Asian market. We air freight overnight direct from our premises in Triabunna, on Tasmania’s East Coast. We can also ship by overnight ferry to Melbourne.

  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Vietnam